Leanna Rae

Leanna Rae is the founder of Kid’s Brain Tree in Fort Worth.  She has a degree in Social Work and is a specialist in family dynamics and child development.  Her training in Interpersonal Neurobiology and advanced course work in family therapy have led to the integration of multiple therapeutic lenses. Her certifications include Brain Gym, Rhythmic Movement, EMDR, ETT and Synergetic Play Therapy. She is a Wraparound facilitator and Simplicity Parenting Coach.

Brian J. Dixon, M.D.

Dr. Dixon is the head of Progressive Psychiatry Clinic in Fort Worth.  He specializes in managing all mental health needs for adults, adolescents and children.  The clinic practitioners use a blend of therapeutic practices to provide mindful treatment plans that minimize medications with the goals of using the lowest effective doses for the shortest amount of time.

Penny A. Armtrong, Ed.D.

Dr. Armstrong has worked in school administration in public and private education for the last thirty years. Her professional practice has included teaching in higher education in the fields of Mind/Brain Learning and Brain-Based Teaching and Learning Strategies.    She has received advanced training at Harvard’s Future of Learning Institute and is certified in Simplicity Parenting and is a S'Cool Moves trainer. She provides consultation services, intake assessments, and parent coaching for Kid’s Brain Tree.

Cara Soto, M.A.

Cara has spent the last 20 years working as a behavior analyst.  Her practice has included working with over 300 children on the autism spectrum, as well as children with Downs Syndrome, Intellectual Disability, and other behavioral and developmental disorders.  Cara has worked in-home, in clinic-based programs, and trained parents, pediatricians, and other health care professionals.  Most recently, she has worked with regional autism services providing training for new staff as well as assessing children and adults for autism services.  Cara has a passion for giving families hope that things can get better, no matter the diagnosis, the age, or the circumstance. 

Pam Jarvis, M.A.

Pam Jarvis is the founder and Director of Shady Oak Academy and the facilitator of Kid’s Brain Tree after-school therapies. She has an undergraduate degree in Speech Therapy and an M.Ed in Special Education.  In addition to 20+ years in private and public education, Pam is certified in Brain Workout, Schools Attuned, Brain Gym, Bal-A-Vis-X, Luke Waits Center for Dyslexia, and Structure of Intellect. She has a passion for creating an educational model that provides a customized approach where all children can thrive.

Dabney Poorter

Dabney Poorter is the owner of Engage Your Wellness which is based in Fort Worth. She has degrees in Nursing and Kinesiology with a certification in nutrition.  Dabney applies her extensive background in health and nutrition to assist families in identification of dietary needs and healthy solutions. She combines her passion for teaching and healthy living to ultimately nourish the heart and health of your family.